We use a video colonoscope to visualize the colon. The colonoscope consists of a camera at the end of a flexible instrument, which is used to evaluate the lining of the large intestine. It is introduced through the anal opening and advanced all the way around until the beginning of the large intestine. Both screening and diagnostic colonoscopy is performed by our surgeons.

Various therapeutic maneuvers including removal of polyps, obtaining biopsies, controlling bleeding, as well as dilating narrowed areas of the colon are performed using the colonoscope.

Colonoscopy is done as an outpatient procedure, usually at an endoscopy center. Moderate sedation and adequate pain control is achieved by use of intravenous medications during the procedure. The patient has to stay on a clear liquid diet the day before the procedure and take a bowel prep in order to clean the colon.

You are not allowed to return to work on the same day as the colonoscopy, however the following day most patients will return to their normal level of activity.

Read more about colonoscopy at the American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons website.