Patient Information


To Our Patients,

Thank you for your selection of Sacramento Colon and Rectal Surgery Medical Group to serve your medical needs. Our goal is to provide you with the very best of care at all times.

Our medical practice is restricted to the specialty of colon and rectal surgery (the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the large bowel, rectum, anus, and small bowel). Problems outside our area of specialty are properly managed by your Primary Care Physician or appropriate specialist.

Our doctors work as a group, have equal training, and exchange calls. Each of our physicians practices out of one or more of our offices.  Please go to each physician's page to find out which office they see patients in. If your doctor is not available at a time when you need attention, you may see one of the other surgeons on a temporary basis.

All information regarding how to get to see one of our physicians is provided in this section. Please use the menu on the left to access the relevant subsection.

If you are a new patient please read the Appointments and Office Visit pages, then click on Instructions and read the before and after office visit instructions, if you choose you can download the before and after office visit instructions by clicking on the yellow PDF button on the top left of the relevant page. Finally go to the Forms page and download the forms. This will maximize the chance of a smooth and troublefree office visit. Do read the other pages in this section as they are designed to provide you with pertinent information.

If you have any questions about your appointment or medical care, please feel free to call.