Sacramento Colon and Rectal Surgery


We offer "telehealth" appointments, which let you see, hear, and speak with your doctor using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. These appointments are an easy way for you to see your doctor without having to visit the office.

Telehealth appointments are very similar to regular office visits. You will be able to talk to your doctor and discuss any issues you may have. During telehealth appointments, your doctor can’t do a full exam. If your doctor thinks you need an exam, you may be asked to come to the office.

Just like office visits, telehealth appointments are private and confidential. Only you and your healthcare team can see and hear you during the visit.

Telehealth appointments are billed like office appointments. Most insurance companies cover these visits, but you can contact your insurance company for more information.

To start your telehealth appointment, you will need:

- A smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablet, or computer

- Access to the Internet

We recommend using your smartphone or tablet for your telehealth video appointment. If you are using your computer, make sure that it has a webcam with microphone.

There are two ways to access telehealth appointments:

- A secure online service called